Centralized Street Light System

An exclusive move toward to make power-driven solar street Lighting systems

It’s a unique approach of Centralized Street Lighting System for industries, societies, party plots, schools, parking lots etc.

It constitutes of Off Grid Power Pack with option of charging from Main grid power in cloudy or poor sunlight days. Suitable Solar PV Module Array is installed on Roof Top or one location and suitable inverters, Charge Controllers and Batteries are installed in a control room.

Solar energy is converted into electrical energy using solar PV Module. This energy is stored in batteries using solar charge controller. The stored energy is then converted into 230V A.C. using highly efficient inverters and supplied to street lights just as in conventional grid based system. We recommend to use AC LED based street light to reduce cost and increase life span also.

The solution depends upon your requirement of number of street lights and the lumen required per street light.

  • Reduce energy costs by as much as 40% or more
  • Reduce maintenance costs by as much as 50 % or more
  • Low cost Wireless control
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Increased bulb life
  • Sun-set / Sun-rise based ON/OFF schedule
  • Powerful web based software with GPS mapping
  • Powerful Asset Management with complete and accurate streetlight inventory
  • Extensive reports on the performance and energy savings