Rural Electrification

Produce water when it is needed the most: when there is sun!

Day to day energy issues in Rural Areas:
  • Rural women spend more time in procurement of fuel wood
  • Cooking, heating of water etc., with inferior quality of fuel wood generate more smoke (30 times more than WHO standards).
  • Women and small children are most affected due to indoor air pollution
  • Acute respiratory infection, chronic obstructive lung disease, adverse pregnancy outcomes and eye diseases are common
Rural Solar Photovoltaic Applications
  • Solar light (Street light, home light, Lenten ,torch)
  • Solar cooking
  • Solar fan
  • Solar water heating
  • Solar-powered water pumps
  • Solar Crop Drying
  • Putting Solar Energy to Use: Heating Water
  • Solar Crop Drying

"Solar Water Pumps brought back my husband from rickshaw pulling in the city to farming in our village" – farmer’s wife

"Powered TV has brought the whole world to my hut"
– a village boy

"Solar light has increased my sales after sunset and hence, my income also"
– a shopkeeper

"Bringing families closer"
 – an ecstasic villager who can regularly speak to her son working in Dubai